Ease Restaurant Operations with POS Integrated Software

When it comes to running a hospitality business, there are many different aspects to worry about, from labor management to calculating food cost, and of course, keeping an eye out for loss prevention. To ease the many business functions, iControl is a POS integrated software specifically tailored for restaurant operations using the POSitouch point-of-sale system.

iControl offers a comprehensive and personalized manager alert system, which will tell you when certain events you have deemed important have occurred. This allows you to hone in on loss prevention.

iControl Enterprise provides a full set of reports designed to function according to your specific needs, including the following features:

  • Ability to target a specified geographic area
  • Arrange reports by time periods, including 15 minute reports
  • Arrange by menu items and categories (including individual items)
  • Arrange reports by job department
  • Employee for payroll reports
  • Arrange by inventory category and ingredient for food cost and inventory reports

For restaurant owners and investors, iControl can be used to conduct a weekly labor analysis, sales mix and royalty report as well as a sales summary. Managers can create employee schedules, calculate food cost and track employee productivity on iControl’s easy to use interface.

iControl allows you to handle accounts payable and accounts receivable with ease, and the enterprise solution also operates as a comprehensive communications tool, including a intra-company email system, a message board to post global messages and a calendar to track important events.

iControl Enterprise is the most comprehensive, affordable enterprise solution that allows updating of the POSitouch restaurant POS system. Updating includes adding new menu items, changing prices, changing screens, new inventory worksheets, and updating vendor lists and vendor worksheets. With iControl Enterprise, all of this can be completed from the central corporate office.

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