Easily Transfer Your POSitouch Data into Quickbooks

iControl Enterprise offers the smart iControl POS integrated software that works seamlessly with your POSitouch restaurant POS system. It delivers up-to-date and relevant business information to keep your hospitality business on track and on budget. If you’re a manager and wish to free up more time to focus on loss prevention, iControl is a worthy investment. Know where your losses are stemming from, and what you can do today to control them.

If you use Quickbooks to track your financial information, you’ll be happy to learn that with iControl, it is easy to transfer this data into your favorite accounting software system. It is a quick and easy way to transfer your data from POSitouch to Quickbooks. With this function, you can:

  • Eliminate double-entry postings
  • Get more accurate and timely information
  • Reduce overall bookkeeping and accounting costs
  • Enjoy the ease and convenience of an all-in-one program
  • Import information directly from POSitouch

This system also automatically checks to see the import status, allows easy mapping of POSitouch sales and automatically posts transactions to Quickbooks accounting. Easily map your POSitouch sales journal to the Quickbooks chart of accounts.

There are just a few quick and easy steps to transfer this information:

1)      The mapping tool clearly shows the POSitouch sales journal accounts on the left, and the Quickbooks chart of accounts on the right. The red lines indicate that those accounts have not yet been mapped together. Simply click the map line, select the chart of accounts and hit enter to instantly map the information over to the POSitouch sales journal.

2)      Select the specific day, or range of dates, click “Go” to import data.

3)      Select the specific store, or all stores, and the status screen will show the status of the import. The validation screen will show if there were any problems with the import.

4)      Another status screen will show that the journal entries are being posted directly to Quickbooks accounting. Results show all entries.

The POSitouch to Quickbooks interface from iControl Enterprise is your control over getting your information out of POSitouch and into your Quickbooks accounting solution. For more information, call 866-284-9339 today!

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