First iControl Enterprise Restauarant Loss Prevention Webinar a Success

iControl Enterprise provides a variety of loss prevention tools including Internet-based enterprise reporting and management alerts, which bring to restaurant management’s attention  any event that may be deemed important.

On Wednesday, December 2, iControl Enterprise hosted an online event for hospitality management to attend.  This was a webinar about Restaurant Loss Prevention Strategies, lead by Mike Carlson, Senior Manager of Risk Management for Caribou Coffee Company. Carlson discussed how he brought the company from negative to postive profits within one year by decreasing employee theft with the help of POSitouch. anticipates the development of a new area on its website where all upcoming Webinar footage will be posted in archives.  This section of the site provides a vital educational tool for restaurant management, helping them increase their bottom line and raise restaurant loss prevention awareness.

Utilizing a restaurant POS system is an effective restaurant loss prevention measure. It provides control over expenses and your bottom line, keeping your business afloat. Having superior restaurant loss prevention strategies increases bottom line profits allowing your venue to rise above the competition.

iControl offers a full set of reporting tools which can be organized and arranged in a variety of ways in specified time increments and by geographic area. This data can also be arranged by individual menu items or by department, supply and food cost, or inventory.

Your POS system can be set up as a specially taylored communication tool to provide restaurants with streamlined loss prevention measure with POSitouch restaurant point of sale systems.

By integrating POSitouch with iControl Enterprise solutions, hospitality businesses can eliminate opportunities for theft and expose theft events with a combination of digital surveillance and action tracking on the touch-screen modules.

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