iControl Drives Businesses to Increased Profitability

For restaurant and other hospitality chains, there are many business functions and sales figures to keep track of in order to know where your sales are going. iControl Enterprise is smart software that seamlessly integrates into POSitouch restaurant POS systems to deliver all the information in one easy-to-use interface. iControl software not only simplifies business functions, but provides a Return on Investment (ROI) to pay for itself and drive your business to increased profitability.

By signing up for iControl, hospitality trained professionals will assist you in creating a detailed Return on Investment. They will show you how the iControl Enterprise solution will help you with your bottom line profits. iControl offers a complete business analysis of current operations, procedures and associated costs, including the following functions:

  • Detailed in-store operations and transaction analysis
  • Work flow procedures, in-store and corporate home office
  • Information flow from stores to corporate home office
  • Corporate Accounting and Payroll Processing integration
  • Labor Cost Analysis
  • Food Cost Analysis
  • Sales Management Reporting
  • Credit Card processing fee analysis
  • Gift Card and Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Loss Prevention Analysis

iControl will also give you a detailed review and presentation of your business implementation plan and a custom plan for implementing your iControl solution, including on-site or web training and ongoing training. We’ll make sure you get the most out of our comprehensive POS integrated software. For more information on iControl and its capabilities and ROI, see iControl ROI to learn how iControl can help your hospitality business increase profit.

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