iControl Enterprise is the Premier Choice for Restaurant Loss Prevention Measures

Businesses in the hospitality industry can fall prey to a number of losses including theft, robbery, and false discrimination lawsuits. When cash has to go through a number of hands, it’s like passing sand from person to person — by the end of the line, there’s not a whole lot of sand left. Both guests and employees may notice a weakness in the business model and take advantage of a loophole to take advantage of the restaurant or to steal from the cash drawer or inventory.

With the help of iControl Enterprise, your business can connect a number of POSitouch POS systems, creating a high-performance streamlining system for your restaurant. POSitouch helps increase customer service, employee productivity, and overall increases your restaurant or bar’s bottom line. POSitouch eliminates fraudulent activity and keeps your bottom line under control.

With recorded transaction files encrypted to the system, POSitouch provides your restaurant with the best restaurant loss prevention strategy. Combining a number of POSitouch systems in all restaurant locations under your management, data is stored in one database and can be accessed and altered from a single location.

By integrating your POSitouch restaurant POS systems, you gain security components for your business, with no need to give PIN codes to employees.  POSitouch systems require individual passwords for each user, and is on a tamper-proof, non-resettable system.

All transactions are recorded toa  programmable electric read-only memory, rendering hacking or adjusting POSitouch software an impossible feat. These security features set the industry standard. Employees can not to clock in or out for each other, nor can they manipulate data stored within the POS system.  Each employee must have a Magnetic ID card, biometric prints, or specific ID codes to access data within the POSitouch POS system.

iControl connects all your POSitouch systems, and POSitouch will always leave breadcrumbs behind for management to trace.  POSitouch allows management to assign or revoke privileges within the POS system. 

Keep an eye on who your money-wasters are.  Some employees clock in too early for shifts but aren’t working yet; others show up late consistently. POSitouch saves payroll money because employees can be prevented from clocking in late or too early. This also keeps management aware of those who have a consistent tardiness issue.  All employee activity on the system can be monitored, as well as their attempts to access areas of the POS system.

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