iControl Enterprise Offers POSitouch and Dinerware for Your Restaurant POS Point of Sale Solution

iControl Enterprise provides a line of products with state-of-the-art security, point-of-sale technology, and restaurant loss prevention.  With a non-hackable, non-resettable system, POSitouch restaurant POS systems are the key to superior security for your hospitality business. With all transactions written electronically to a programmable electric Read-Only Memory, POSitouch hardware  renders tampering or hacking of the system as virtually impossible.  Resulting in the highest security and peace of mind, these security features set and exceed the hospitality industry standard.

Providing a system designed with the client in mind,  POSitouch restaurant POS systems enable businesses to to increase customer counts, provide faster service,  and lower the cost of labor.

About iControl ROI 

iControl’s hospitality trained professionals will assist you in creating a detailed Return on Investment (ROI). The value of the iControl Enterprise solution is that not only will it pay for itself, it will also assist in driving your business toward increased profitability.

  • Complete Business Analysis of operations, procedures and costs include:
    • Detailed in-store operations and transaction analysis
    • Work flow procedures, in-store and corporate home office
    • Information flow from stores to corporate home office

    Detailed Review and Presentation of Business Implementation Plan with ROI

    • iControl will develop a custom business plan for your operation
    • Quantify all opportunities for cost reduction and revenue enhancement
    • Discuss and demonstrate best business practices to be implemented

    By integrating POSitouch technology into the corporate model of a restaurant, the business model is streamlined, allowing for consistency within the restaurant. This yields in a smooth and consistent flow of business, happier customers, and more importantly, a better bottom line.

    POSitouch has been installed at over 2,000 restaurants, small and chain in their 15 years in business. The POSitouch restaurant point-of-sale system has a flexible nature, allowing clients to customize the system configurations in order to fit their corporate structure.

    With an unsurpassed Windows-based software package and a competitive edge on software renewal practices, many restaurants from small chains to casual fine dining choose POSitouch as their restaurant POS system.

    Whether it is a casual dining restaurant or a fine dining restaurant, Dinerware helps restaurant managers run their business. The software has intuitive features with fast service, and with a customer database, you can add that personal touch.

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