iControl Enterprise Puts the Control in Your Hands with POSitouch Restaurant POS Solution Delivery Solution

A simple, easy-to-implement solution for the delivery industry, iControl Enterprise offers smart software to integreat seamlessly with POSitouch Delivery Service. Functionalities are integrated into the Table Service and Quick Service modules for clients who need to incorporate delivery into their overall restaurant POS solution.

Whatever your field in the hospitality business, there is a flexible and scalable system to fit your needs.  This restaurant point-of-sale system can be used in both small and chain restaurants. POSitouch offers a system that can be modified to fit your food delivery business, with user-designed systems.

POSitouch Delivery Solutions offers specific functionality for your particular industry. Caller ID can be integrated into the system, which automatically pulls up a customer’s name and address once they are in the system. The intuitive Color touch screen guides users through the menu quickly. Customer database is easily accessible, and includes customizable fields in which to input data such as birthdays or important notes about the customer’s needs.

Orders can be called in days or weeks in advance, and you may schedule an order to automatically fire at a specific time in the future. Order history remains in each customer’s account so your staff has a good idea as to what the person is calling for based on previous orders.

A powerful tool, Labor Scheduler offers the ability to track and manage staff schedules. It’s most useful application helps avoid scheduling conflicts, and prevent loss by managing user clock-in times, keeping wait staff from clocking in before their scheduled time. The POSitouch Payroll Interface allows you to complete and process payroll directly from the data in the POSiTouch system.

POSitouch offers integrated modules to complete the total solution for your restaurant Point of Sale system. The reporting module offers many standard reports and integrates with third-party reporting packages. This allows you to create customized reports. The inventory module offers controls for item movement, in order to track contribution to margin and overall profitability of items sold. Credit Card Authorization is a comprehensive solution for POS data and credit authorization.

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