iControl Puts Restaurant Management in Full Control of Operations and Loss Prevention

Utilizing a restaurant POS system is the most effective loss prevention measure a restaurant can take. It provides control over expenses and your bottom line, keeping your business afloat. Having superior restaurant loss prevention strategies allows your bar, restaurant or club to rise above its competition.

With Internet-based enterprise reporting through iControl Enterprise, your POS system can be set up as a specially taylored communication tool to provide restaurants with streamlined loss prevention measure with POSitouch restaurant point of sale systems.

iControl Enterprise provides management alerts, which red-flag events which you may program to be deemed important. iControl also presents a full set of reports, most of which can be organized and arranged in a variety of ways by geographic area, in time increments you select. This data can also be arranged by individual menu items as well as categories by job department, supply and food cost, inventory reports and more.

Incorporating a full email system for a company, iControl Enterprise provides a comprehensive communications and data platform with a message board on which to post messages for the entire chosen network, e-mails, and discussion forums and new procedures.  An events calendar is included as well, and with the Employee Schedules, management and employees track important events, along with a Task Manager application to keep on top of tasks to be competed.

iControl Enterprise integrates smoothly with the POSitouch restaurant point of sale system, allowing updates on menu items, price changes, new inventory, and vendor lists and worksheets.  Management can complete these tasks from their home office or central corporate office… anywhere they can access the Internet.

Business transactions can be viewed from anywhere, time-consuming processes such as inventory, payroll and daily transactions are streamlined when integrated with POSitouch.  Lower your losses and increase your bottom line with iControl Enterprise solutions.

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