iControl Puts You in Control of Chain Restaurant POS Systems by Streamlining Data From all Locations Into One Interface

iControl Enterprise connects multiple POSitouch POS systems to offer a high-performance system that increases productivity, customer service, and your restaurant or bar’s bottom line. The system includes encypted and recorded transaction files, allowing your chain restaurant or hospitality industry business to utlilze a high-performance restaurant loss prevention strategy. iControl Enterprise combines multiple POSitouch systems from the variety of locations of restaurants you manage so that all data is streamlined into one database and can be accessed and changed from one location.

POSitouch integrated restaurant POS system offer security components as well as point-of-sale technology for bars, restaurants, and night clubs.  Management never has a need to give out their PIN codes to employees, because  POSitouch restaurant POS systems have security levels requiring individual passwords.  The system is non-resettable and tamper-proof.  Adjusting or hacking of POSitouch software is rendered virtually impossible because it records all transactions to a programmable electric Read-Only Memory. The industry standard is set by these features and POSitouch maintains and surpasses the standard.

For added security, interfacing a Digital Surveillance Monitoring system along with POSitouch restaurant Point of Sale can provide a means of restaurant security and loss prevention for bars and restaurants. restaurant surveillance technology allows management to access and view real-time online transactions from any of the chain restaurant’s locations. Additionally, it is recommended to set up surveillance near each POS touch screen to monitor employee clock-in and clock-outs, voids, deleted items, sales, audit trails and most other historical events within the restaurant.

POSitouch keeps your bottom line under control because it eliminates fraudulent activity of all levels.  Employees are unable to clock in or out for another employee, nor can they manipulate information within the POS system.  Each individual employee must have a Magnetic ID card, biometric prints, or specific ID codes in order to access the POSitouch POS system.

Keep an eye on who arrives late for shifts and who clocks in too early before starting to actually work.  Employees can be kept from clocking in late or too early with POSitouch, saving payroll money and keeping management aware of employees with a consistent tardiness problem.  Each employee’s activity within the system can be monitored, and attempts to access different areas of the POS system are tracked.

iControl connects all your POSitouch systems, and POSitouch will always leave breadcrumbs behind for management to trace.  POSitouch allows management to assign or revoke privileges within the POS system.

Being the premier point-of-sale system, POSitouch POS for restaurant offers applications for Table Service, Hotels, Quick Service, Country Clubs, Delivery and Stadiums.  Because POSitouch is so simple to maintain, expand, and use for hospitality operations each day, thousands of chain restaurants benefit from this Windows-based, open architecture software.

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