iControl ROI Return on Investment Hospitality Software Implementation and Training

iControl Enterprise has hospitality-trained professionals who assist businesses within the hospitality industry to creat detailed Return on Investment (ROI) data.  iControl shows managers how the iControl Enterprise Solution will pay for itself and then some – helping drive business toward increased profitability.

iControl’s proven approach to increasing your ROI includes a complete business analysis of your current operations, business procedures and associated costs.  You may view a detailed analysis of in-store operations and transactions.  Work-flow procedures including in-store and corporate home office are tracked with iControl, as well as the information flow from stores to corporate home office.

Another benefit of iControl ROI includes corporate accounting and payroll processing integration.  Labor cost and food cost analyses are made available, along with sales management reporting, credit card processing fee analysis and gift card or customer loyalty programs.

iControl offers a restaurant loss prevention analysis as well as a detailed review and presentation of business implementation plan with ROI strategies by quantifying all opportunities for cost-reduction and revenue enhancement.  iControl staff can discuss and demonstrate the best business practices to be implemented for your hospitality business and present an implementation plan best suited to your operation.  By having a custom business plan with iControl Enterprise, all business operations are streamlined and you can see exactly where your financial ups and downs occur. 

An iControl project manager will work directly with your implementation team for in-store and home office iControl product installation, testing and validation.  iControl staff will conduct on-site or internet web training.  You may verify daily, weekly and monthly for store-by-store enterprise transactions.  Ongoing informational training classes are conducted by department as required, keeping you and your staff in-the-know of the latest technology iControl has to offer.

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