Integrate Sales Information into your Accounting Package with iControl

iControl Enterprise is smart software that integrates with your POSitouch restaurant POS system to deliver crucial information about your hospitality business. iControl allows you to instantly create invoices, track payments and manage expenses. The POSitouch integrated software also allows options for accounting interfaces. The features allow you to integrate your sales and payable data into your accounting software.

The POSitouch POS system currently integrates into the following accounting packages:

  • Great Plains payables and sales
  • Cyma payables, sales and account receivables
  • Solomon payables and sales
  • Peachtree payables and sales
  • QuickBooks payables and sales

If you use an accounting package that is not listed, iControl will work with you integrate your specific package with the system.

QuickBooks is one of the most commonly used accounting software programs. The POSitouch-QuickBooks interface is the easiest way to have your POSitouch sales information flow into your QuickBooks accounting module. This allows you to eliminate double entry postings, get more accurate and timely information and reduce bookkeeping and accounting costs.

The all-in-one program imports information directly from POSitouch and automatically posts transactions to your QuickBooks accounting. On your accounting interface, the POSitouch Sales Journal is mapped to your QuickBooks Chart of Accounts. You’ll be able to manage POSitouch Accounts Receivable, POSitouch Electronic-Accounts Payable Journal and productivity so you’ll know where your business stands at all times.

The POSitouch-Quickbooks interface from iControl Enterprise is your control to get information out of POSitouch and into QuickBooks accounting. For more information, please call iControl Enterprise at 1-866-284-9739.

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