Integrating iControl with POSitouch Provides Streamlined Loss Prevention Solutions

In the fast-paced hospitality industry, the best thing management can do is track restaurant losses and profits to identify how and where they occur, and how they can be reduced and eliminated.  A simple way to identify the future of your hospitality business is to grasp how it is currently performing.  

POSitouch restaurant POS systems and iControl enterprise integrate seamlessly, and your bar, restaurant, night club or other hospitality business can succeed by using these systems to track financing and inventory data and employee activities within your business model.

Time is money, especially in the hospitality and service industry.  It is vital for restaurant, bar, hotel and night club management to streamline business operations and time management for employees during work hours.  With POSitouch and iControl, employees can perform their duties at the highest of standards while reducing the opportunity for errors and losses. As a result, your business optimizes time and productivity, increasing profitability.

Providing quick service, casual dining, fine dining and more solutions to hospitality businesses, iControl Enterprise offers hardware, software, tech support, installation and services necessary for your business to manage daily operations and finances. 

From design to implementation and installation, iControl Enterprise is with you for the entire process, providing training and support to management and employees. iControl Enterprise provides POSitouch technical support, ensuring your business maintains smooth operations.

POSitouch Enterprise provides a simplified, streamlining solution for all hospitality businesses, and integrates seamlessly with POSitouch restaurant POS systems to deliver relevant, up-to-the-minute data about finances to keep operations on budget.

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