POSitouch Enterprise for Casual Dining Restaurant POS Solutions

iControl Enterprise provides casual dining businesses with hardware, software, and services necessary for managing the day-to-day business and financial operations.  Every step of the way, iControl Enterprise is there for your business.  From designing your system to installing it, to training your team and providing full-service customer support, iControl is there to help your casual dining business to operate seamlessly.

After years of research and experience with table service software, a system that may be used in both chain restaurants as well as independent restaurants has been developed by POSitouch Enterprise.  Featuring a flexible and scalable system with user-designed features, you may customize the system to fit the needs of your casual dining restaurant.

POSitouch Enterprise Table Service software allows banking activities to be performed by a server, a cashier, or both.  A party wants to split their check multiple ways? No problem, this software splits checks quickly and easily.  Bar tab options are also available, as well as options for takeout customers.  With POSitouch Enterprise’s Table Service software’s ability to preauthorize a card, patrons of your bar may create and keep a tab open until they are ready to leave.

Fraud prevention is another feature of POSitouch Enterprise software, with Void and deletion tracking on the system.  With a touch-screen layout, a server needs only to enter the table number or select the table from a map of your restaurant to start a new order. An additional security feature is video security system interface.  Installing surveillance of your restaurant POS system allows you to monitor and record activity performed on and near the point of sale system.

Menu and price functionality is flexible and adjustable.  Whether prices change from lunch to dinner, or there are happy hour prices during a certain window of time, POSitouch Enterprise has a simple solution for your casual dining business.

Beyond the standard features listed above, add-on modules are available for you to further expand and personalize your system.  Dining Room Management Module gives managers the power to configure a map of the restaurant layout, as well as view updates on each table’s order just by touching the screen.  By allowing managers to view table details in real time, customer satisfaction and ROI increases.

POSitouch Enterprise offers a reporting module as another add-on module for your restaurant Point of Sale system. This creates customized reports via third-party reporting packages. To track item movement and contribution to profitability of items sold, Inventory Module is used.  Through this module, a restaurant may manage information for suppliers, generate purchase orders, and receive purchases and record incoming and outgoing transfers.

The Labor Management module allows restaurant management to track hours and attendance for payroll and scheduling. Labor information integrates with sales data, allowing for customer profiling and the creation of frequent dining offers.

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