POSitouch Enterprise has a simple solution for your casual dining business.

POSitouch Enterprise has a simple solution for your casual dining business.

POSitouch restaurant POS systems implement transparent business operations and provide restaurant financial reporting that were once previously impossible to track.  With the industry-leading point-of-sale strategies that POSitouch with iControl Enterprise provides, your restaurant is placed on the fact track to bottom line savings and perpetual future success.  In order to know where the future of your business is headed, one of the most important things to be able to track  restaurant losses and know where they are stemming from. POSitouch and iControl work together to help your business succeed in the present and for the future.

 The software of iControl integrates seamlessly with your POSitouch restaurant POS system.  This system delivers relevant, up-to-date information about your business, keeping operations on track, and on budget.

 In the fast-paced service industry, there is a well-known phrase often used to describe the essence of the industry: “time is money.”  It’s imperative to be able to provide a streamlined time-management for your staff and management.  By allowing employees to perform their job functions at a higher standard with drastically reduced errors, POSitouch helps your business optimize its time and productivity levels.

iControl Enterprise provides casual dining businesses with hardware, software, and services necessary for managing the day-to-day business and financial operations.  Every step of the way, iControl Enterprise is there for your business.  From designing your system to installing it, to training your team and providing full-service customer support (POSitouch technical support), iControl is there to help your casual dining business to operate seamlessly.

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