See a Return on Your Investment with iControl

iControl Enterprise is the hospitality solution that ensures a return on your investment and will drive your business towards increased profitability. iControl does this through a proven approach, offering capabilities that help to increase your business’ profit such as a giving detailed in-store operations and transaction analysis and providing information flow from stores to your corporate home office.

iControl provides corporate accounting and payroll processing integration as well as labor cost analysis and food coast analysis to help you gain valuable knowledge about how your business is running. iControl can also be used for sales management reporting, credit card processing fee analysis, even gift card and customer loyalty programs.

A crucial operation for any restaurateur or hospitality business owner is conducting a loss prevention analysis to ensure profits are protected. Managers can use iControl for this function, which is why the POS integrated software pays for itself.

As far as creating a business implementation plan, iControl will develop a custom business plan for your operation. This plan will quantify all opportunities for cost reduction and revenue enhancement so that you can discuss best business practices with your staff and management.

Finally, in order to implement new practices, an iControl Project Manager will work directly with your implementation team to install, test and validate any iControl product. After installation, we will conduct on-site or internet web training with your team and any on-going information training as needed. This process is designed to run smoothly and efficiently, helping you achieve maximum profitability for your hospitality business.

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