Simple Solutions for Casual Dining Thanks to iControl Enterprise for Restaurant POS Software

In any fast-paced industries such as food service, it can often be heard that “time is money.”   Building a streamlined time-management system for restaurant staff and management is imperative to the success of a hospitality business. In order to reduce errors and have employees performing job functions with raised standards and lowered errors, POSitouch is the tool your business needs to optimize productivity levels and increase its bottom line.

POSitouch Enterprise provides a simple solution for casual dining businesses.  Implementing a transparent business operation system while providing restaurant financial reporting, management receives data and information on business factors that had once been impossible to track. 

iControl Enterprise provides industry-leading point-of-sale restaurant software strategies using POSitouch.  This places your hospitality business on the fast track to increasing bottom line savings, and perpetuating future budgeting and profit successes.  Tracking  restaurant losses helps restaurant management get an idea where the future of the business is going, as well as identifying where profit losses and inventory losses are stemming from.

Working together, POSitouch and iControl Enterprise help your business stay ahead of the competition.  iControl restaurant software integrates seamlessly with POSitouch restaurant POS systems.  Together, POSitouch and iControl Enterprise deliver up-to-date and relevant data regarding your business operations, keeping your hospitality business on track and within budget.

From designing and installing your restaurant software system, to training your restaurant’s employees and providing full-service POSitouch technical support and customer service, iControl is there to help your casual dining business to operate seamlessly. iControl Enterprise provides restaurant hardware, restaurant software, and technical support services necessary for your restaurant to manage daily business and financial operations.   From start to finish, iControl Enterprise is there for your business.

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