Streamline Multi-Restaurant Operations with iControl Enterprise POS Systems

Providing systems designed with the client in mind, iControl Enterprise offers restaurant POS systems with high-end point-of-sale technology, state-of-the-art security, and restaurant loss prevention.  This system is virtually impossible to hack, and is non-resettable, making POSitouch restaurant POS systems vital to superior security for your restaurant, bar, or other hospitality business.

POSitouch hardware writes all transactions to an electric Read-Only Memory (ROM), rendering any attempts at hacking or tampering with the system impossible.  As a result, POSitouch provides high security and peace of mind, as these security measures go beyond the hospitality and restaurant industry standards.

POSitouch restaurant POS systems allow businesses to raise customer counts, provide faster service,  and lower the cost of labor, which increases the quality of customer service, raises sales, and allows business to run smoothly and raise the ROI.  iControl ROI creates a detailed Return on Investment report.  iControl’s help desk can assist you and can create this report, showing where the holes in your profit are, and helping you figure out how to fix them.  iControl Enterprise is a valuable solution that pays for itself, and then some—iControl drives your business to increased profitability.

POSitouch technology integrates within a corporate model of a bar or restaurant, allowing  the business model to become streamlined. This provides consistency in day-to-day operations of the restaurant, yielding a consistent and smooth business flow, happier customers, and most important, an improved bottom line.

With a flexible nature, POSitouch restaurant point-of-sale  allows clients to customize their POS system configurations and fit their own corporate structure. POSitouch is installed within over 2,000 bars and restaurants, independent as well as chain operations, in their 15 years in business. Because of the competitive edge on software renewal policies, and an unsurpassed integrated software package based on Windows, many restaurants choose POSitouch for their restaurant POS solution.

Whether you run a casual dining operation or a fine dining venue, Dinerware helps bar managers and restaurant managers run business smoother. Dinerware software features an intuitive interface, and has a customer database allowing you to add a more personal touch.

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