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iControl Puts You in Control of Chain Restaurant POS Systems by Streamlining Data From all Locations Into One Interface

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

iControl Enterprise connects multiple POSitouch POS systems to offer a high-performance system that increases productivity, customer service, and your restaurant or bar’s bottom line. The system includes encypted and recorded transaction files, allowing your chain restaurant or hospitality industry business to utlilze a high-performance restaurant loss prevention strategy. iControl Enterprise combines multiple POSitouch systems from the variety of locations of restaurants you manage […]

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iControl Enterprise Puts the Control in Your Hands with POSitouch Restaurant POS Solution Delivery Solution

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

A simple, easy-to-implement solution for the delivery industry, iControl Enterprise offers smart software to integreat seamlessly with POSitouch Delivery Service. Functionalities are integrated into the Table Service and Quick Service modules for clients who need to incorporate delivery into their overall restaurant POS solution. Whatever your field in the hospitality business, there is a flexible and scalable […]

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