The Perks of iControl Enterprise POS Integration to POSitouch

In the fast-paced world of the hospitality industry, it can often feel overwhelming to try and keep up with the equally speedy realm of those who work to improve their POSitouch point of sale system.  IControl Enterprise provides the tools needed for the POSitouch user to perform and increase profits through efficiency.

With the aid of detailed, user-friendly POSitouch Enterprise reports that are generated by the system, restaurants are able to quickly and fluidly analyze where profits are being lost, eliminating the usual transparency of the hospitality industry.  The iControl interfaces flawlessly with POSitouch restaurant POS system providing businesses with the necessary tools to reach their goals.

The iControl Enterprise POS-integrated software provides special management alerts for events such as voids, comps, discounts, and more to identify exactly where losses are stemming from, a process that implements top-notch employee accountability.   Other highlights include ADP seamless payroll interfacing, advanced time clock options, schedule enforcement, labor management, and a variety of accounting interface features.

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